Timber Servery Window - COMING SOON!

Is your husband “generous” enough to give you the night off dinner duties because he is cooking up a storm on the barbeque?  Of course, we all know that a woman’s job is never complete – we have to bring the meat outside, prepare the salads, set the table and who can forget the all-important sauce! 
Timber servery windows save you the hassle of continually running inside and outside, carrying everything piled up to your eyeballs while trying to juggle opening the door and not stepping on your dog’s tail. 
Using KD Hardwood, otherwise known as Victorian Ash, timber servery windows provide a warm yet modern feature to your kitchen while connecting your outdoor area with the central hub of your home.  Offering a 400mm wide KD Hardwood servery sill as a standard feature, the sturdiness and practicality of your timber servery window really is as simple as passing everything you need over the counter, leaving your hands free to taste test that potato salad!

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