Aluminium Servery Windows - COMING SOON!

It is amazing how the smell of a barbeque arouses everyone’s appetite.  The table is set outside in the glorious sunshine, the meat is finally cooked and just as you are about to sit down and take a bite into your hamburger, you realise you forgot the sauce inside! 
Aluminium servery windows are a great solution to every barbeque.  While offering an elegant and modern look to your kitchen, the practicality of a servery window allows you to pass the sauce, plates and even that last minute salad over the counter. 
The 400 series commercial aluminium windows not only add style and sophistication to your kitchen, but provide a maintenance free solution, so you can spend more time preparing your feast.  Made with KD Hardwood, the 400mm wide sill is strong and sturdy and offers plenty of space to pass drinks, food and anything else that you need outside.
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